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interact with objects in powerpoint


I cannot get this to work - i cannot copy my objects to powerpoint, or they dont show anything.

My questions is how does he in this video get the toolbar as in the clienttool?


He is also able to Copy to clipboard objects like you are in the desktop version but this is not available in the accesspoint webviewer?

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Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

have you got the QV IE Plugin installed on this machine, because the full browser version (AJAX) wouldn't help you much with that?



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Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

Yes it is installed - I cannot do it from IE plugin neither, neither can i from my desktop client

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Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

Dear Thomas,

I have struggle three months before for the same. This might be qlikview/microsoft issue.

Before we begin I would like to ask few questions:

1- Did copy that object as a "Object" by right clicking ?

2- Can you verify QlikOCX control in powerpoint, Have you install all the required plugins ? (Screenshot)

3- In the Trust Center, what are the settings under the ActiveX tab?

4- What are the UAC settings are on the client machine?

5- What are the settings for Active X controls in the Powerpoint trust Center? (Below link)



In my case its working randomly (4 out of 10 times) and it seems to be MS Power Point issue.



Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

for me it works fine using the plugin.

But I also have the full client installed on the same machine.



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Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

So do I - can you show me how?

If i open my document in IE browser with IE plugin forced on and c/P it to powerpoint 2010 and 2013 nothing appears.

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Re: interact with objects in powerpoint

I can copy/paste and/or drag and drop objects from IE plugin into MS Word and Excel, but Power Point doesn't works...

I'm using Office 2013, and Qlikview Server 11.2 SR6

Any ideas?


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