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Automation of Qlikview documents

Hi Frnds,

Please suggest me the solution for below scenario.

Our client data warehouse is refreshing once in a hour and it will take
different times according to data now i need to trigger the Qlikview documents
after completion of database refresh in QMC. I don’t want to specify in QMC
like once in a hour trigger this application it should start when then data
warehouse refresh is completed.

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Re: Automation of Qlikview documents


You should take a look at the EDX trigger.

Here is some info: Using EDX in QlikView 11

Here you can find the code for the EDX trigger: braathen/qv-edx-trigger · GitHub

Hope this helps!

Honored Contributor

Re: Automation of Qlikview documents

I had this scenario at one of our clients

I cannot start the reload unless the process of day closure is finished

the only way to know if I can reload is when the system writes a txt file into a directory

so I created a an exe that checks for the existence of that file this exe pings the directory every 2 minutes

then I added a QlikView supporting task to run this exe which when sees the txt file exits and then I made the reload task to start just after the supporting task finishes successfully i.e. when EXE exits


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Re: Automation of Qlikview documents

Please can you share the exe or source code if you have and can you explain little bit more it will be help full...

Re: Automation of Qlikview documents


Check if this helps




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Re: Automation of Qlikview documents

Another option you have is to get the warehouse to write out to a 'finished' table when complete, I have had the situation before where there is a number of source systems that need to refresh, so a single row is written into a table as each finishes, so only want the reload to happen when 5 rows are present.

You can use this table and run a very frequent cycle to check this table and only when the right number of rows is returned, do the full load.

The other option you have, is to trigger the reload from a central scheduling system via an EDX trigger to QV. The scheduling system would control the warehouse and once the load is finished, trigger your reload.

hope that helps


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Re: Automation of Qlikview documents

thanks a lot frnds for your suggestions and help....

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