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QV connectivity to mySQL


How to make connection to mySql database, what are the pre-requisites to make connection .

I am having QV 11.2 64bit.

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You need to have a MySQL ODBC driver installed, and then you need to set up a DSN in the Windows ODBC Administrator.

Master II
Master II

try with the following steps,

1. first install mysql drivers on ur dev box

2. if u are able to see the oledb driver of mysql from ur qlikview edit screen--Data tab--provider--then u can create oledb connection,else follow 3rd steps and forget about 2nd step

3.create a dsn connection from control panel--administrative tools--data sources (odbc)

4. got o ur edit screen in qlikview--select odbc from data tab--click connect button---see the list --from here u have to choose ur dsn connection which u created earlier.

5.select sql script--load it.

First install the MYSQL ODBC driver and then you need to add in DSN .

In the server you need to retain the same ODBC name , username and password

Qlik recently launched the new ODBC and SFN connector. This new release lets you connect straight to a variety of database products (including MySQL) without defining a DSN or anything else. It even includes all required drivers.

(Being a partner, you can) Log in into the Downloads portal and select Connector->Qlik ODBC Connector. Check the release notes for more details.

Good luck,


Master III
Master III

Hi Peter,

I'm afraid that doesn't work with frre version.

QV ODBC x MySql.png



Where did you read that he's using a free version? "free" doesn't sound very business-like.

Master III
Master III

I'm using MySQL Community Server.

You need MySQL Enterprise or Commercial version.