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Show different values in ListBox


I have the following ListBox to show values that are greater than 0 or smaller.


Now, I want to use this to give the user the ability to filter the MutationValue. So I want to show it in the interface.

But is there a possibility to show 'Mutation Value > 0' instead of 'MutationValue = {">0"}' ?

Cause its pretty ugly from a designer perspective.

I use the following code to create this little table:




MutationValue = {">0"}

MutationValue = {"<0"}


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Re: Show different values in ListBox

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Re: Show different values in ListBox

Perhaps the example in this discussion is what you're looking for.

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Re: Show different values in ListBox

There is no need to create anything in the script.  Use calculated list box with expression:

=aggr(if(MutationValue>0, 'Mutation Value >0', if(MutationValue<0, 'Mutation Value <0')), MutationValue)


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