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compare two tables and excel


I have a little problem because i'm beginner i need a help. i create a simple load

with table.a on server a, table.b on server b and excel.

table.a and table.b is the same table with only one difference " item name " in table.b it's new name of item. that's why i need this excel is my translator. ( you know simple way two column item.a name and item.b name )

my data model looks :

everything looks ok to the time when i created a table

but when i created a straight table with data from table.a and do this same with table.b all value's are ok.

what i must to do

get the price for the item with max costing date --- it's easy for one table

problem is solved

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Re: compare two tables and excel

Where in the data model are your [cena standardowa] and [costing date] fields ?

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Re: compare two tables and excel

[cena standardowa] - STD PRICEa/b

[costing date ] - costing date.a/b

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Re: compare two tables and excel


Just for my understanding, are all values i table b the same as in table A, except for the item field?

Or is it different values that you want to fin the ratio between?

Anyway I would consider to join the tables, e.g. By joining the Excel table into table b and the table b into table a.

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