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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - October 2023

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - October 2023

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Nov 1, 2023 3:33:14 AM

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Oct 4, 2023 8:41:20 AM

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.


Data Gateway - Direct Access: Problem establishing a connection to Microsoft SQL Server 

When attempting to establish a connection to a SQL Server hosted on older Windows Server versions, a TLS compatibility error would sometimes occur and prevent connection, resulting in the error: "ERROR [08001] [Qlik][SqlServer] Problem establishing connection to the server." This has been resolved by updating the SQL Server driver. 


Qlik Cloud: QlikView apps not showing "Published copies" 

Fixed a problem that caused "Published copies" of QlikView apps to not appear after the app was published to a managed space. 


Data load editor: Data model viewer preview not showing table comments 

Fixed an issue where table comments added via the "comment table" statement in the data load editor were not visible in the Data model viewer. 


Storage data task failure in Data Integration 

Multiple updates to the same primary key in the same transaction caused a storage task to fail in Synapse. This is now fixed. 


Qlik Cloud: Incorrect generation of SQL syntax 

Fixed an issue where incorrect SQL syntax was generated when adding multiple conditions in a filter expression. 


Visualizations: Themes referring to an undefined css file do not load 

Themes that refer to a css file that is not present will not load but will now show a warning message in the console. 


Qlik Engine: IntervalMatch in combination with prefixed FieldName results in index out-of-range 

In some cases, when using IntervalMatch, a faulty lineage graph was created, if the input filed came from a table that was not directly referenced within the IntervalMatch prefixed statement. Support for IntervalMatch has been added for lineage and missing relations should now exist and correctly link the tables and generate a correct lineage graph. 



Qlik Catalog: Misleading message when trying to open a private note 

Updated the message shown when a user does not have access read/write access to a note to help point out a possible cause: "You do not have access to this note. Check to see if you are a member of the space the note is in or if the note has been shared with you. 



Qlik Cloud: Exporting interval time does not keep its format 

Added support for interval time data type for Excel data exports. 


Qlik Cloud: Zero values not visible in Excel sheet export 

Zero was not visible after exporting to Excel, even if the number was present. We have improved how fields that contain numbers with 14 digits are formatted in exported data. 


Qlik Cloud: Incorrect currency format in Excel data exports 

Improved how the thousands separator is managed for currency formats in Excel export data. 



Qlik Cloud Reporting: Fields with mixed format are not exported correctly 

Improved the handling of mixed format data type in reporting to Excel data export. 



Visualizations: Straight table error 


Some users were seeing a "Too many items selected in exploration menu" even if the number of selected items was fewer than the 100-item limit. This limitation is no longer applicable when downloading a chart. The check has been removed for direct reports. 


Qlik Cloud Hub: Shared space owners are unable to setup or edit reload schedules 


A {{spaceId}} property in the body of the access evaluation request, which indicates that app in play resides in space owned by the user, was missing. This prevented shared space owners from setting up or editing reload schedules. This has been fixed and shared space owners, without additional space roles, can now create new reload schedules and modify or delete existing reload schedules. 


Qlik Cloud: IDp configuration does not allow blank space 

Qlik Cloud now permits users to log in with usernames that include spaces. 


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Dragging dimension to pivot table fails when disabled dimensions exist 

Fixed a problem that prevented moving pivot table dimensions past hidden dimensions. Previously, moving past a hidden dimension from left tree to top tree would not move the dimension and instead, it would move one of the hidden dimensions. 


Qlik Cloud: Access denied error on pages with NL Insights objects 

Fixed an issue that caused users to see an "access denied" error on pages with NL Insights for published sheets. To migrate the existing NL Insights object and apply the fix, users need to republish the sheet. 


Visualizations: Filter pane disables view of dimension item on far right of the filter pane object 

Fixed an issue that would hide a column item when rendering multiple columns and the Filter pane height was small. 


Data Gateway - Direct Access: Gateway resource check fails for BYOK 

Fixed a problem that would cause the replacement of encryption keys to fail due to permission issues. 


Visualizations: nebula.js "sn-table" component not compliant with accessibility regulations 

To improve accessibility, we have removed non-unique IDs from the Document Object Model. 


Qlik Engine: "Unknown LOAD statement error" when using Peek() function 

Fixed a problem that caused the data load to fail and display "Unknown LOAD statement error" when the Peek() function was used with a third argument that referred to the current table. 


Qlik Cloud Data Integration: Incorrect mapping of the TIMESTAMP data type in the storage tables 

The TIMESTAMP source data type would be incorrectly mapped to DATETIME in the storage tables, instead of DATETIME2 (like the landing tables). 


Qlik Engine: Changes to Tenant Admin app export from personal spaces 

Tenant Admins can no longer export apps from other users' personal spaces. A Tenant Admin can change ownership of an app or move it to a shared space. 


Qlik Engine: Outer set analysis could give different results with a master measure 

If a master measure had an inner set using a $-sign expression, then the outer set could be applied erroneously. This meant that the result of an outer set with an expression could give different results than that outer set with an expression in a master measure. This has been fixed and set analysis results are now the same independent of whether the expression is in a master measure or not. 


Qlik Engine: Embedded field names are sometimes not detected 

Qlik Engine on Linux now correctly detects embedded labels in text files with Japanese and other non-western European languages. 


Insight Advisor: Data value lookup does not work with master dimension 

This fix includes master items in the data value search. 


Qlik Cloud Data Integration: Incorrect mapping of the TIMESTAMP data type in the storage table 

The TIMESTAMP source data type would be incorrectly mapped to DATETIME in the storage tables, instead of DATETIME2 (like the landing tables). 


Qlik Cloud: Exporting data in Excel results in exponential notation 

Fixed an issue to handle exponential notation on data export to Excel. 


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