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Partner - Contributor

Intel E7 v3 performance


Have anyone ever used a Intel E7 v3. I want to know the performance. I have a customer who want to use a server with E7 v3 CPU's

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Hi Jakob,

When looking at the current lineup of E7 v3 chipsets: Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v3 Family

there are few, if any, that would be exceptional.

The ideal E7-4850v3  is outperformed by their v2 counterpart E7-4890v2 in nearly every aspect (clock speed, cores).

It is still unclear how the QPI links are connected when using an E7-88xx chipset in a four socket server, and it is yet to be tested. If the results for those are good then the ET-8890 v3 could be a solid option, but again it is not tested by us.

I'd recommend having them going for E7-4890 v2 or similar, which are proven to be good.


Hampus von Post

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

I know this is an old Thread, but if anyone else is facing this issue i would suggest ignoring the E7s and go with the E5 isnstead. The E5s have enough cores for almost all installations of QV. If you are building a Publisher then you should go with higher clockspeed and lower core count (Like 2643v4,2667v4 or 2689v4). For a QVS you could use more cores but i would not go over 32 physical cores. After that you could go with higher clockspeed (like two 2684v4)