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Contributor II
Contributor II

QV Scalability Tool: NTLM authentication fails but document is accessible from Chrome

I am running into a problem where NTLM authentication from the QV Scalability Tool fails with a 401, but I am able to access the document normally from Chrome.

Is there any additional config that I need to do apart from ticking the NTLM box?

From the ScriptGenerator the NTLM box is ticked, and I have a simple scenario that simply opens a QV document. The source XML looks like this (actual document URL value blocked out with ####):


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<script method="JMeter" type="RegressionScript" qlikview="12" GUIversion="1.2">
<document url="####" />
<thread duration="-1" loopcount="1" rampup="1" threadcount="1" />
<set value="..\Analyzer\JMeterExecutions\{SCRIPTNAME}_{HOSTNAME}_[{THREADCOUNT}-{RAMPUP}-{LOOPCOUNT}-{DURATION}]_${__P(DT)}.txt" name="LOGFILE" />
<set value="..\SupportFiles\seedfile1.txt" name="STANDARDRAND" />
<set value="..\SupportFiles\seedfile2.txt" name="CHARTRAND" />
<set value="" headers="" name="HEADERFILE" />
<set value="..\SupportFiles\doclist.txt" usereduced="FALSE" name="USEREDUCEDDOCS" />
<set value="" sectionaccess="FALSE" name="USESECTIONACCESS" />
<set value="" usebasicauth="FALSE" name="BASICAUTHENTICATION" />
<set value="" dosavebinaries="True" name="DOSAVEBINARYFILES" />
<generic action="Access Point" label="" />
<generic action="Open Document" label="" />
<generic action="Timer Delay - UniformTimer" min="30" max="35" />


Once I execute this however, I end up with a 401 during authentication:


1590110384642,20,/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx,401,Unauthorized,QlikView 1-1,,false,140,1,1,20


Consequently the resultant regression results file is empty (private data blocked out with ####):


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<testresult testname="####" QVSversion= "NoVersion" Document="####" timeStamp="2020-05-22-111141">
	<requestedobject action="Open Document with SA #2" id="####" inputValue="" threadIteration="1" testLoop="0">


 I've been trying to get this to work for some time now so any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Just a quick question which version of the product are you using?

Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikView version 12, client build number 12.0.20001.0