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Quick tips #15 - Pre-caching with JMeter

Pre-caching is a concept used to trigger certain selections/actions in a QlikView application to have these calculations cached.  The purpose is to improve performance and response times for the first user as fetching something from cache is much faster than calculating. During a restart of a QVS all prior cached result sets will be purged and when source data has been modified the result sets of previously cached calculations becomes invalid. To circumvent poor perception for the first users after reloads and/or restarts it can therefore be beneficial to pre-cache common calculations. This download contains an example/template batch file and documentation on how to use JMeter for pre-caching via creation of a supporting task in QMC.

Cheers from the Scalability Team

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this is very interesting idea - I was going to use NPrinting to pre-cache specific selections. I have not tried it yet but NPrinting can cycle though field values and filter data so one knowing that users normally access can build a report and make these selections in the morning before users start using QVW.

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This is very interesting and useful idea. But did you have any problem running jmeter scripts on qlikview 10 using ie plugin, my experience is that it hangs but not sure if I am doing something wrong.