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Add REST Endpoints to hypercube data in the Master Library


Add REST Endpoints to hypercube data in the Master Library

It is very common that the only "true" number of a business metric is a number available in a Qlik Sense app.

It would be nice to be able to add endpoints for accessing hybercube data in the master library of an app.

This would be a nice way to allow external access to tabular data from an app by adding dimensions and measures much like a table but without a GUI.

If a measure or dimension is updated, the business logic of the data endpoint will of course also be updated.

This would be a good way to govern data sets that could be available for external consumption and there would be no need to have an object in the GUI.

If these "governed data endpoints" would be accessible over a REST api/json it could be very powerful and maybe even available as "webhooks".

NPrinting could for example use these instead of being dependent on visual objects

These tables would represent a governed layer between external tools and it would be easy to see the external dependencies that the developer would need to support in new versions of the app.


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