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Allowing multiple users to trigger automations on demand

Contributor III
Contributor III

Allowing multiple users to trigger automations on demand

When a Automation is created, it is being created in the personal space. If another users needs to access the same automation and trigger it on demand, they have to create a duplicate of that Automation from hub or change the owner of the Automation in QMC and check for the connections created in all the other connector blocks. It would be very effortless and engaging if all the users can get hold of the Automations irrespective of the space it is in.

This reduces the effort in duplication of Automations and managing connections in all the other connector blocks.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi @deepakm_ygrene 


Thanks for sharing. 

Adding automations into a shared space is on our roadmap and design is ongoing.
Current workaround could make the automation triggered so any user can trigger the automation from an external source (or qlik sense dashboard) - more info, see :

In your current way of working, you can use the shared templated capability to easily share an automation to your colleagues: 



Kind regards, 





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