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Data model viewer persistent layout

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Data model viewer persistent layout

It would be great if the data model viewer could have an option to save the manually-created layout. Perhaps its just the version I'm on (Nov 2020 Patch 6 13.102.13) but even if I lock the layout, it still gets lost when I close the tab. It seems to always revert back to the layout I created many moons ago.

Before this was an issue, I've also noticed that, if I load an app with the data of one customer (customer A), and set a layout, and then reload the same app but with data from another customer (customer B), the layout is lost.

When I load customer A's data again, my layout is back the way it should be. The layout, therefore, seems to be linked to the content, not only the app.

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Another problem is that the tables connections are crossed each other. Why ?? It is so confused ! 

If the tables position remains the same with the manually setting up, even after loading script, it will be good, but if it don't mix the line connections also, it will be really great !!



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