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QMC Bookmarks

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

QMC Bookmarks

The addition of bookmarks to the QMC was a great step forward. Overdue, but great when finally implemented.


I think there is still room for improvement:

Unless I am just on an older version, it is not possible to rename these bookmarks. It is also not possible to reorder these, and the out-of-the-box bookmarks (prefixed with #) can be really annoying, e.g. in the TASKS section, it is not necessary to have a bookmark for each and every Stream. And these bookmarks are like a bad rash. You can delete them, but they just pop back in when opening the QMC.


I've also noticed what could be a bug. Sometimes, when creating a new bookmark, the UI doesn't register when I type "3" using the top row of numbers on my keyboard. It only accepts when I type via the keypad on the right. And yes. My 3 is working.




The bookmarks also seem to be tied to the current PC. If I log into the QMC with the same account but on another PC, my bookmarks are gone.

I really use these bookmarks extensively, so a little more flexibility and features would be great.



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