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Qlik Replicate Delta Connector Parallel Load Enablement Request

Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Replicate Delta Connector Parallel Load Enablement Request


Currently there is below limitation when using Microsoft Azure Databricks Delta target endpoint..,

Parallel Load is not supported with the Microsoft Azure Databricks Delta target endpoint.

--> This is not helpful when doing Full-Load for big tables which are not completing (Full-Load) taking days (More than a week sometime which is not ideal and cannot complete the full load due to other maintenance dependencies on the object) instead of hours which we were able to do using the Snowflake on Azure connector.

Attached Screenshot about this limitation from Qlik Replicate for our reference  as well!


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Hi Arun,


This is a great request and we are planning on adding this feature as we continue to enhance our Databricks target endpoint. Also included are Databricks SQL support, parquet file etc.


We will keep you posted as these become available.