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Replicate | MS SQL Server Encryption Support

Contributor III
Contributor III

Replicate | MS SQL Server Encryption Support

Current State (Replicate 2022.5):

  • Replication involving MS SQL Server sources/targets is not supported if they have enabled security features such as Always Encrypted or Row-Level Security.


Desired State:

  • Using the Oracle database endpoint as a precedent which supports encrypted columns, the ability to configure encryption keys in the SQL Server endpoint for source read or target write when the Always Encrypted/RLS feature set(s) are enabled.


Business Case:

  • Evolving governance, privacy, and security requirements both internal and external to a given organization are demanding that highly sensitive data be encrypted in all states and during all transits, down to the field level.
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Contributor II
Contributor II

We would definitely need this feature


These features would be valuable to us.


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