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Sense: Failing reloads and BNF script reload mode

Digital Support
Digital Support

Sense: Failing reloads and BNF script reload mode

Reloads that were functioning fine in Qlik Sense 3.x, begin to fail after an upgrade to Qlik Sense June 2017.

After upgrading to Qlik Sense June 2017, odd behaviour may be seen with expressions, scripts, set analysis, etc.  Things like:

  • Expression editor may throw an error
  • Chart may show empty
  • Chart may show "Incomplete visualization"
  • Chart may show "Invalid dimension"
  • And any other odd behavior that would mimic a change in the script (expression, set analysis, etc)

So far, we have seen this issue manifest with a few customers as a change in how single quotes and double quotes are being treated. See article Quotes in Set Analysis change in behavior

A new script reload mode, BNF, has been introduced. This change is mentioned in the Release Notes of Qlik Sense June 2017; however that note does not provide enough information to provide adequate warning to customers.

To learn more about BNF see Backus–Naur form 


The defect is resolved in the 11.14.3 September (2017) release. 

If using a release prior to 11.14.3 follow the guidelines below. 

A new script reload mode, BNF, has been introduced. In some unusual cases, users may need to disable the BNF reload mode using one of these methods: 

Disabling BNF reload mode for the entire server:

Update the Settings.ini by adding the line EnableBnfReload=0 under the [Settings 7] tag for the default reload setting "EnableBnfReload". Restart the engine.
The Settings.ini can be found in %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Engine.
Modify it to read:
[Settings 7]

Include an empty linebreak at the end.

Disabling BNF reload mode for individual apps:

Add the ///$bnf off tag at the top of the script (it must be within the first 50 characters of the script). Reload the script.

This script mode will be backed out for the next releases of Qlik Sense.  This should happen by the June 2017 Patch3 and the Sept 2017 releases.  This new BNF mode is targeted for QlikView November 2017, and will return to Qlik Sense after we have educated the customer community on the ramifications (approximately 6 months).  This new script mode is required to fix several bugs from the past around searching and selection (See Jira story QV-92)

It is a good idea to use the ///$bnf off tag as a troubleshooting step.  See if toggling this setting in the load script will cause a change in the suspect behavior.
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