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Digital Support

STT - Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database

This Techspert Talks session covers:


- Supported PostgreSQL versions

- Demo of Upgrade Process

- How to resolve issues



00:00 – Intro

01:00 - What is PostgreSQL used for?

01:19 - Different versions of PostgreSQL

02:38 - Prerequisites for upgrading

03:21 - QS Feb 2022 threshold

04:33 - Downloading the QPI Installer

06:00 - Upgrade process

09:54 - Verifying a successful upgrade

12:08 - Removing the old Database Service

14:16 - Resolving common issues

17:28 - Q&A: When is best time to upgrade?

18:05 - Q&A: Does the QPI Tool use the latest version?

18:27 - Q&A: Which versions should you be careful with?

18:55 - Q&A: What are the Do's and Don'ts?

19:44 - Q&A: What should we upgrade first?

20:28 - Q&A: How to we avoid having to restart the upgrade?

21:22 - Q&A: Can we upgrade the database only?

21:47 - Q&A: Is it possible to lose any custom settings?

22:31 - Q&A: How to tell which version QS is using?

23:35 - Q&A: What is the command to remove the old service?

24:12 - Q&A: What if the database is on the D drive?

24:50 - Q&A: Can the back-up be on ANY local drive?

25:05 - Q&A: Are old version of QS compatible with new PostgreSQL?



Upgrading Qlik Sense Repository Database using the Qlik PostgreSQL Installer

 Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: How To Upgrade Standalone PostgreSQL

 Qlik Sense System Requirements

 How to backup or restore the PostgreSQL database in Qlik Sense



Q: Do patch updates and new versions normally work?

A: The Patch update for Qlik Sense will continue to work normally. It is suggested that you do make sure that you remove the Qlik Sense Repository Database service after installing the standalone version of PostgreSQL so that you do not run into any issues with the Qlik Sense setup or update.


Q: For Standalone installs, is there a way in Qlik Sense to see the standalone server name for the Postgres server?

A: Yes! Using the Qlik Sense Util (C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil), you can view the Connection String Editor tab to get the “Host” name being used which is typically the server name or localhost


Q: If I have a postgreSQL 11.x version, how longer can I wait before upgrading it to the 12.x version?

A: We don’t have a specific timeline on how long 11.x will be supported with Qlik Sense. So, it is not required to upgrade if you do not want to as it will continue to work with Qlik Sense. Only 9.6 is no longer supported after November 2022 version of Qlik Sense.


Q: From which version will Qlik have already installed 14.8 version?

A: Currently 12.5 is still being used within the standard installation of Qlik Sense. Qlik is working on including 14.8 with the Aug 2023 version of Qlik Sense. This is not set in stone, but it is the tentative release version.


Q: How can I update the PostgreSQL standalone on Azure?

A: You can follow the procedure provided on the Azure help site for upgrading the PostgreSQL.


Q: Do you have a process for migrating to Qlik Cloud service from an older on-prem / Azure VM instance?

A: Yes. Here are two resources to help with that:


Q: Is it possible to restore a 9.6 QSR onto a standalone 12.x?

A: Yes, you can restore any of the older version of the QSR database to a newer version of PostgreSQL.


Q: In future QS on Windows, this setup will be standard - separate PostgreSQL service and no Qlik Repo service?

A: No, it is not the “standard” as we still include the Qlik Sense Repository Database with new installs of Qlik Sense. It is just another way to easily upgrade the database and provides a little more flexibility for the environment.


Q: Is it possible to restore the old service after deleting it to restore to the old PostgreSQL Service? As you mentioned, I need to delete it before running an update.

A: It would not be suggested to do this because the only way to install the Qlik Sense Repository Database Service is to do a clean installation of Qlik Sense. This will install PostgreSQL 12.5. If you used the QPI tool the new database version would be 14.8 and it would not be advised to restore to an older version.



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