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Partner - Creator III

Stacked bar chart and "Text on Axis" expression

Dear Community,

I faced a problem with a stacked bar chart.

Type:          Barchart

Dim:           YearMonth (Default)

                  +e.g. Area (conditional, for stacked bar chart)

Expression: 1.Sum(Value) for bar (simplified)

                  2.if statement which used to create a short text on x-axis per month to identify if the value is track,settled or budget type

If I disable the second expression for the "Text on axis" the stacked bar chart works fine but when enable and select e.g. Area as second dimension the bar charts are grouped, not stacked, and for each bar a "Text on Axis" is created.

Is there a possibility to modify the "Text on axis" if statement, that also when a second dimension is selected, a stacked bar chart with only one "Text on Axis" will be displayed?

Every advice is welcome.



Who Me Too'd this topic