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    Installation Standby Server



      how do I install a Standby Server?


      i have 1 server with publisher, i need a standby server with publisher. i use a vmware environment.

      do i just install both as separate server, and copy files and config when 1 should fail, or can i share the documents on a network share. is it also possible to share the configuration, or will that trigger some cluster features.

      can i still use a virtual name for accessing the server? for example, if i install qv1 and qv2, the website destination i could put qv, with a load balancer, that is set up to only reach qv1.


      thanks for your help in advance.

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          I have attached documentation, which covers clustering QDS. You should find some of the attached documentation useful, especially the areas describing configuring shared storage. You will create a windows CIF share via the QMC conecting both the active and the inactive/passive servers to the shared storage.

          The attached document covers clustering (two Publishers purchased and both active/active at the same time) using QlikView clustering to load balance between both servers. By including this documentation, I'm not saying you need to cluster your servers and buy another Publisher (QDS). 


          You will perform two installations of QlikView Publisher (QDS) preferable in different VM's. You can use v-motion to fail-over between each VM. The DR (passive server) uses the same license as the active server, therefore, both servers cannot be active (from a services perspective at the same time).


          Store your configuration files on share.


          The solution you describe is a cold standby solution (attended fail-over). Clustering services for automatic fail-over using 3rd party clustering is not supported by QlikTech.


          Hopefully you will find this useful?


          Thanks Steve

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              Bill Markham



              First I must say that using Virtual Servers for QlikView is skating on thin ice and something to approach carefully. Although Virtualisation technologies are improving by the day and may well soon be adequate.


              However for just the QV Publisher you may well get away with it.  However I would use the VMware replication facilities rather having 2 installations running on 2 separate VM's.


              I do run my QMC on a virtual server, using the inherent standby facilities of virtualisation, routinely test the Switch Over and it works perfectly.



              Best Regards,     Bill

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              hello again,

              i have a production license, a test license and a publisher license.

              i have 2 machines, on machine 1, i will install production qlikview and publisher; i ll put all configuration files on a (netapp) share


              with folders like




              on machine 2, i will install "test qlikview" and publisher, i will stop the publisher service on machine 1, and run it only on machine 2. this scales out the load of publisher to the second test machine. a second license for load balance qvs or qsd is not yet in the picture.


              in case machine 1 has a software or os failure, i will put the production key on machine 2, in case machine 2 has an os failure, i would just start the publisher service on machine 1.


              both machines have 8 vcpu and 64gig ram on several 64vcpu and 256mb ram virtual hosts. looking forward on how that will work out eventually.