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    Questions on Qlikview version control (svn)

    Roberto Postma

      Hi Community,


      In my current project, we're thinking to set-up version-control. I saw quite a few relevant topics on this community, and a pdf-document that helped me to set it up and make some tests. Now I see that it works in my small-only-one-qvw-world, I was thinking on how to set it up in the "real world".


      So my question is what the best practices are to set-up SVN for a somewhat bigger environment? (where a somewhat bigger environment is defined as lets say >=100 .qvw files).


      [1] Does it make sense to have only 1 repository for all projects? or
      [2] Or 1 repository for every .qvw file (/project)? or

      [3] Some other approach


      Initially I would go for [2], but since then I need so many repositories and need a new repository for every new .qvw project we make I think this is not so handy.


      I hope you can provide me with some advice on how to set it up + what the benefits / drawbacks are to use this approach


      Thanks in advance!