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    Replace NULL (non-value) with numerical 0

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I know the issue of 0-values has been here quite a nr. of times, it is always tricky.

      In my instance, I have a large table which has one record

      - per day

      - per employee

      => To this table (which tells me just which employees are assigned to which area in the company), I join several other infos which I load from the database:

      - days a specific employee reported out sick

      - days an employee was not scheduled for work

      and others.

      => I usually just type a 1 in every record for that piece of info, so I can just sum that up in the diagram.

      => These additional tables do not have one record per day - only for those days where e.g. somebody was out sick, not for the others.

      I join those to my "daily" main table, so that is that.


      <=> The issue is: In all the lines where those additional pieces of info do not apply (someone was not out sick or he was not off_duty etc.), I get a "-" - i guess that represents a non-existent value.

      => Can I somehow, in the process of joining (LEFT JOIN), populate all those records with a numerical 0, just to make it a bit more elegant and one can easily see, when opening the preview of that table, whether or not the formula works?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,