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    QlikView SAP SQL Connector error and queries on that

      Hi Qlikxperts...


      There’s the below error which we are encountering frequently. Would like to know if anyone has ever faced this and has any suggestions to overcome this:


      “QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Fetch aborted after 241 retries. Key = TIMEOUT_READ_MEMORY (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 Timeout when trying to read shared buffer)”



      Also, please provide your views/opinions/clarifications on QlikView on SAP implementation with respect to the below points:


      1. When extracting via QlikView SAP SQL connector, would there be a dialog box process also occupied along with the background process when an RFC is created?
      2. Has there been any successful implementation wherein
      • - the SAP Application front-end and the Database are on the same Server box
      • - and put multiple table extractions (sequentially/ in parallel) via the QV SAP Connector when there’s a limit on number of background jobs(5) that can run simultaneously considering there would be frontend users also logged in.



      Hoping to receive constructive replies...


      Thanks in advance!


      Best Regards,