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    QlikView SAP SQL Connector error and queries on that

    Karthik G

      Hi Qlikxperts...


      There’s the below error which we are encountering frequently. Would like to know if anyone has ever faced this and has any suggestions to overcome this:


      “QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA: Fetch aborted after 241 retries. Key = TIMEOUT_READ_MEMORY (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 Timeout when trying to read shared buffer)”



      Also, please provide your views/opinions/clarifications on QlikView on SAP implementation with respect to the below points:


      1. When extracting via QlikView SAP SQL connector, would there be a dialog box process also occupied along with the background process when an RFC is created?
      2. Has there been any successful implementation wherein
      • - the SAP Application front-end and the Database are on the same Server box
      • - and put multiple table extractions (sequentially/ in parallel) via the QV SAP Connector when there’s a limit on number of background jobs(5) that can run simultaneously considering there would be frontend users also logged in.



      Hoping to receive constructive replies...


      Thanks in advance!


      Best Regards,