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    Missing or truncated bars from Bar Chart?

      I have a Bar Chart with quite a lot of bars. There are 2 dimensions: the first is time (Month-Year), and the second is the product name. We have data that spans roughly 2008 to 2014 for these products. I made a separate Year selection of just 2013.



      1) Why does QlikView truncate all of the bars past June?

      2) Is there a setting I can change to make it show the entire year in one chart?

      3) Why is there no horizontal scroll bar on the chart to allow me to slide over and see the other bars, since there is an up and down arrow on the product dimension that allows me to see additional products.


      See attached screenshots; I added one showing that there truly is July through December data if I select it from our Month listbox. Also a screenshot of the up and down arrows on the first dimension.