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    Can I organize dimensions in ad-hoc reporting

    Mitch Meyer

      We have implemented ad-hoc reporting where the user gets to pick from a list of dimensions and metrics. We are going to expand our usage and want to give the user a TON of dimensions (40+) to choose from but this is aesthetically unpleasant and difficult to use if we just put them in a big scroll box.


      Has anyone ever 'grouped' dimensions in order to create a better user experience? For example if we have 40 dimensions that are part of 4 groups, just those 4 groups would show, and the user would 'expand' one of those groups and pick one or two dimensions from group one, then expand group 2 and choose one from group two, etc. etc.


      I haven't been able to find anything like this in any of the QV demos so hoping someone has given it a try. Thanks!