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    Expression with current/relative position



      I have a list of 50 measures, I need to change my pivot table, to add the ratio of each of this measure on [NET SALES].

      To reference an expression, I can ether use its label ex: =[NET SALES] or its position = Column(1)


      I assume I will have to add 50 entries in my pivot table, but I wish they share the same formula (that I can put later as a variable) such as

      =Column(CurrentPosition-1)/[NET SALES]


      How can I retrieve the current position of an expression?


      Cost of Sales
      %NET SALES=[Cost of Sales]/[NET SALES]
      %NET SALES=[Warehousing]/[NET SALES]
      Freight & Delivery
      %NET SALES=[Freight & Delivery]/[NET SALES]