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    Mini Waterfall in Table

    Fabian Heidenstecker

      Hi there,


      i was trying to create a mini waterfall in a straight table.

      Creating a waterfall chart in QlikView is really easy. I used a rangesum / above combination for the offset, works like a charm!

      screenshot 2.jpg

      But now i want to mimic the waterfall chart in a straight table, cause i want to have more measures per line.

      My idea was to use 2 Segments, using the first one as the offset and then turning it to foll transparency

      I tried to copy & paste my offset formula from the chart to the gauge starting value. But no success. I tried to statically set the starting value based on RowNo(), but obviously i can't reference the row number from within this starting measure ?!?

      screenshot 2.jpg

      Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this?


      I would be greatful for suggestions,