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    Governance Dashboard: Error in hidden script



      I installed the governance dashboard on my qv server where the qlikview documents reside and tried to run the reload but keep getting this error message.


      “Error in hidden script. For details, open hidden script before reload.

      For security reasons, failed hidden script code is not shown.”


      I looked into this thread but the thread is from 2012 and didn’t seem to shed any light on the issue. http://community.qlik.com/thread/63476


      The details:



      I also have an email out to qvgdfeedback@qliktech.com to see if they can shed some light on it. I'll update this post if I find anything.

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          Tyler Waterfall

          Hello Philip,


          Can you send the following information to QlikTech Support so we can troubleshoot it?

          1. Governance Dashboard.qvw.log
          2. fullscan.messages.log*
          3. fullscan.statistics.log*
          4. Description of how your environment is configured:
            1. Version of QlikView
            2. Where is GovernanceDashboard.exe installed?
            3. Where is the reload occurring?
            4. User account that is reloading it - does it have read/write access to the profiles and file folders?


          You might try reloading without "Has Server" to see if you get the same issue.




          * in profiles\default\QVX_LastRun folder

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              Hmm... I might have been guilty of an ignorant oversight.


              I just did a clean reinstall of the Governance Dashboard and noticed a warning that there was a Qv.exe still running and it suggested to shut it down. (Another user had it running on their server session.) I don't remember seeing this before but I might have just continued past the warning.


              After closing all Qv.exe processes and doing a clean reinstall it worked fine.


              If I have any other issues I'll post them here along with the logs you suggested.

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              Koen Bal



              My Governance Dashboard gives an "Error: Error in hidden script. For details, open hidden script before reload."

              It only gives this error when scanning a particular folder. The directory test works though.

              I found something strange in the "Fullscan messages log".

              What does the "Extract Directory Scan Error mean"?


              I attached the log of the dashboard and the "Fullscan messages log".


              ,KR Koen

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                  Tyler Waterfall

                  Thanks for including the log files!

                  From the FullScan.messages.log, I see the following errors (noted by the -A and -F):

                  Multi-Transform QVW - OPERATOR-0016-F: toolId 186.0, name 'Multi-Transform QVW' - Exception 'BufferAllocatorException' occurred in the 'process' function for thread 0. (FullScan.Step_1)

                  Multi-Transform QVW - OUTPUT_BUFFER-0005-A: An output record is too large. The hard limit on output buffer size of 33,554,432 bytes has been exceeded by a request for 40,173,568 bytes. (FullScan.Step_1)

                  Multi-Transform QVW - OPERATOR-0005-F: toolId 186.0, name 'Multi-Transform QVW' - the 'process' function failed for thread 0. (FullScan.Step_1)


                  The fact that it fails on the Multi-Transform QVW operator denotes there is a problem scanning one of the QVWs.  The error "An output record is too large" could mean several things about one or more of the QVWs in the folder you are scanning. Here is my guess in order of likelihood:

                  1. a .qvw has extensive data lineage. This can happen when you use a load ... from *.* or a large loop extract (imagine pulling from thousands of log files).
                  2. a .qvw contains hundreds or thousands of data tables and/or fields. This is also written to the qvw XML metadata which could be too large to read.
                  3. a .qvw is corrupt.
                  4. a .qvw has a super long SQL select statement.  Never seen this cause a problem, but is possible.


                  Are you aware of any qvws that might have any of these characteristics?

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                  Kadir Fatih Temel

                  Plase set correct folder path of Your documents root folder on List of File Paths to Scan in configuration page.