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    The state of different sheets

    Ashley Navin

      I have three sheets in my qvw file. Two sheets are <inherited> state and when i click a button or select something the current selection stays selected when i change between the sheets. The third sheet is currently also <inherited> state but I want to change it so that when I select something on the third sheet, it does not stay selected when I move to one of the other two sheets. I tried to just create a new state for the sheet and change all the objects on that sheet to the new state as well but now when I make selections on that sheet nothing happens.


      How do I make it so two sheets are linked but the third has a current selection of its own?

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          Stefan Wühl

          If I understood correctly, your setting should work.


          Do maybe your expressions in your objects reference the default set $, i.e. are you using set analysis?


          Could you upload a small sample application that demonstrates your issue?

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            Shawn Ho

            As you've created a new State (e.g. State2), you can set state on the sheet level of Sheet3 (i.e. Sheet3 Alternate State = State2). From there onward, I believe any object created in Sheet3 with the <inherited> state will belong to State2.

            You will need to elaborate a little bit more on what you mean when you say "nothing happens".