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    Select last 7 Days in QlikView Document


      Hi all,

      is it possible to select only the data for the last week (or last 7 Days) in a QlikView Document, when opening it - automatically?
      I saw the document triggers, but I dont know how to achieve this.

      Maybe theres another way?
      Would be nice, if someone could help me out with an example or something else.


        • Select last 7 Days in QlikView Document
          Gaurav Khare


          you can definately achieve this by the use of set analysis and it's also easy. All you need to do is a bit of r & d. If you face problem in set analysis kindly tell me and will be providing you with all the coding part.

            • Select last 7 Days in QlikView Document

              I dont have any idea how to make this.

              Would be nice if you could provide me an example or something else.
              I have a table, which get the newest data from our database.
              One column is the "Createn Date" (for example: 09/01/2010). I want, that only the data from the last 7 Days are selected when opening the document or when reloading it.

              Thank you very much.

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              sunil jain

              Dear ,

              I implemented same scenario with primavera.








              "WORK_YEAR"). Select ActiveDocument.Evaluate("Current_Year"





              ). Select ActiveDocument.Evaluate("LastWeek"





              ). Select ActiveDocument.Evaluate("LastWeek"


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                  Hi Sunil,

                  thanks for your answer and your suggestion. I tried your code in the module, but I dont know what I have to change, that it's working for my QlikView Document.

                  I attached a screenshot with a short description, so maybe you can tell me what I have to change in your code to get it to work.

                  Thank you very much.

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                  I am currently experiencing a similar problem myself. I have created some flags in my load script which assigns a 1 against each date of last week but am struggling to find a flawless way of using it in a trigger or a macro. It seems like if you have a conflicting date selected, it won't work.

                  Yesterdays date will work: =only({1<DateYesterday = {'1'}>} Date (DateYesterday is another flag). The 1 in the set overrides a conflicting date already selected. But, you cannot use 'only' and have it select more than one date i.e. for each date of last week.

                  Perhaps if you have a week dimension you could do something like =only({1<DateLastWeek = {'1'}>} Week but if you only have a date dimension in your app it will not work.

                  I'll carry on trying to find a solution.

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                    Tim Benoit

                    Do a selection for the field based on a search expression. For example, if your date field is named xxDate then make a listbox for the xxDate field, then type in =xxDate>now()-7 That should select the dates you are interested in. Then, make a bookmark (this will work best if xxDate is the only field selected). The bookmark will save the selection expression. Now you can set up a trigger and define the action as applying that bookmark. Make the trigger an On Open trigger so that it is applied when the document is opened. You can remove the listbox you created -- it is only needed as a place to enter the expression and check the result.

                    The nice thing about this solution is that it doesn't require any macro or module code.

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                        Nice idea but will this override any conflicting date selections already made?

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                          First of all, thanks to Tim for his solution. This helped me figure something out that I was trying to do in the module for a while and is actually achievable without the bookmark solution.


                          On open you can set a 'Select in Field' action on the desired field, then use the following as your search string:


                          ='=DATEFIELD>([Today] - [DaySelect])'


                          Where 'Today' is today's date and 'DaySelect' is the number of days you wish to subtract from the current date.


                          Again, thanks to Tim to providing the solution. This just possibly neatens things up a bit