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    Mapbox Extension



      I have been tasked with creating a Mapbox extension and I was hoping for some simple way to do it by changing an existing OpenStreetmap extension but it doesn't seem as simple as changing a few bits and pointing it at Mapbox.


      The example extension was from a previous thread on http://community.qlik.com/thread/60652 created by rbecher and it looks like you can use the mapbox.js api to do the same thing but i have no idea where to start in changing it really.


      Could anyone advise on how it should be created? There are some great examples on how to use the api if you were creating a webpage but its not making sense on how that applies to the extension like it would do in the above example.


      Any advise would be useful.






      ***********************Note****************************** This is the very basic mapbox extension I got to work, it does some basic clustering and popup box functionality but it works.