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    Show/Hide in Qlik Sense

      Hi All,

      Is it possible to have show/hide conditions in Qlik Sense ?

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          Alexander Karlsson

          Hi James,


          Currently there is no show/hide conditions for objects in Qlik Sense.

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              Thanks for the quick reply Alexander,

              do you know of any plans to include this functionality ? or any of the more advanced Qlikview techniques ?

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                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hi James,

                  Thinking out loud, as you can create extensions, you could eventually create a script that is hidden or showed depending, for example, on an expression (as you can do in QlikView 11).


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                    Alexander Karlsson

                    Any specific use-case you want to use show and hide for?
                    Keep in mind that Qlik Sense is a different product then QlikView and aims to fulfill a different use-case then QlikView.


                    Typically show/hide conditions on objects were used to guide the user through the data/app.

                    For a more guided experience you still have QlikView or you could leverage the Qlik Sense APIs to build that experience.


                    Also in my personal opinion show/hide does not really makes sense without being able to position objects on different layers and that is hard to do without impeding on the responsive grid that allows Sense to scale from your mobile device to browser which will become more obvious once the Server edition becomes available (even though the desktop client also is responsive, try re-sizing the window)


                    EDIT: HIC also has published a great blog post that highlights some of the differences between the two different products which sort of relates to show/hide conditions http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2014/07/29/view-or-sense

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                        I was thinking of a simple show hide on a table column dependent on the selection in a list box/ filter pane,

                        eg: selecting country in the list box would show the city column in a table.

                        I agree with you that there are very different use cases for Qlikview and Qliksense, and think that I need to give more thought to the specific customer requirements and what product suits their needs, than trying to force through my Qlikview mentality into what is essentially a different product.

                        Thanks for your help


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                            Josh Good



                            You could achieve a similar effect by creating a drill down dimension (Country->City).  If you then added that dimension to the table/chart etc. you wouldn't need the listbox.  Users could just select directly on the country in the table/chart and drill down the city.



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                                Thanks Josh,

                                I have a drill down Country - City, and what you have suggested works,

                                I think I just need to get used to this NOT being Qlikview and looking the way I want it to,

                                will work on it !! Liking the product though.



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                                  Steve Dark

                                  This thread highlights something that was very evident during last year's Business Discovery World Tour.  On one hand we were shown a demo of .Next, then immediately after an illustration of design best practice which relied heavily on text boxes and dynamic display of objects.  It was quite clear that it would not be possible to build the "best practice" UI in .Next.  It seemed that there could be a divide in what was next for "the product".


                                  Now that Sense is here and some clarity is emerging about how it sits alongside QlikView (i.e. offering self service discovery rather than guided analytics) it makes more sense (no pun intended).


                                  I can see that there will still be the need for many people to be built applications that lead them to discovery in QlikView.  Other individuals will now be able to explore in a way that was not possible before.


                                  - Steve

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                                    Helen Tang

                                    Hi Josh,


                                    I also have the problem James mentioned.


                                    I want to set some conditions for table dimensions which can show different level's hierarchy information but I'm not sure how to create drill down dimension in Qlik Sense.


                                    Could you please give more help?



                                    Regards\ Helen

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                            Hi Miguel,

                            Thanks for your reply, interesting thought, will definitely investigate this further,



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                              Lee Matthews

                              Hi James


                              I have been working on something that might help. It is mostly a solution for cyclic dimensions, but might suit what you are after if you need one of a number of dimensions to display depending on a user selection. The post if here:

                              Cyclic Dimension in Sense

                              I also have a call for help embedded in the same post, related to getting something with the extensions API working. So if someone can assist with that I would be very appreciative.

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                                  Hi Lee,

                                  Thanks for the post, it's definitely a good idea and worth using, was wondering what opinion was surrounding the use of show hide conditions and the possible future inclusion in Qlik Sense. I have found it useful (if not the most elegant) for clients who require a lot of info in one page (e.g a 3 layer drill down). My first preference would be to split the document out, but cost constraints on clients mean that is not always possible, does anyone else feel some clients may miss out on the obvious design benefits of Sense, by not having some of the major functionality of Qlikview ? To eloborate, at my previous employer, each business area had it's own QVW, at my present employer, the clients are much smaller and may have up to 8 business areas in 1 QVW.

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                                      Michael Tarallo

                                      Hi James,


                                      In regards to:


                                      ...does anyone else feel some clients may miss out on the obvious design benefits of Sense, by not having some of the major functionality of Qlikview ?


                                      As you know, Qlik Sense and QlikView - are really positioned for different individual use cases or they can compliment each other in the same organization. I have witnessed many opportunities where BOTH products are positioned. QlikView is still a viable product in the market and will be for time to come. The goal of Qlik Sense is not really to replace or replicate everything that QlikView can do, but perhaps find new ways of doing things or improve on older ways of doing thing, while allowing easier and more self-service data visualization capabilities to our common business user. It is possible that the most useful and important capabilities that those found in QlikView could be available in Qlik Sense in a future release. This is just the beginning for Qlik Sense, expect a lot more to come in the near future. Our release cadence is to make new point releases available quarterly with big fixes, features and enhancements.


                                      Please let us know how else we can help you.




                                      Mike Tarallo