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    QlikView - Export to Excel problem on IE-PlugIn - ActiveX can't create object "Excel.Application"

    Aldo Liaks

      Hi guys,

      Need some advice with the situation described below.

      Thanks in advance,



      We are using QlikView 11.20 SR7 on Windows 7.

      Users connect to QV Server throw IE-PlugIn.

      For most users, export to Excel works fine (left click and also throw macro), but we have some users that when trying to export, (left click), nothing happens and, If trying to export to Excel using macro, we get the following message "ActiveX can't create object "Excel.Application".


      When trying to check macro settings "Ctrl+Shift+M", nothing happens.


      If we try, on same user, same app, to export to excel in AJAX, it works fine.

      On desktop works fine also (both of them, left click and throw macro).


      We tried, on IE 9,10,11

      Tried to remove and reinstall IE-PlugIn

      We also reset IE settings.

      Tried to repair Excel installation.

      Tried with disable of "Protective View" in Excel.