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    Calculation in script and number format

      I have two questions.


      1) I have a field that comes in as 199.00 instead of 1.99 so I put it as an expression in a chart and divided it by 100 to see it as 1.99 but I want to see this as a percent so when I set it as a "Fixed to 2 decimals" and "Show it as a percent" , it shows me 199.00%. Any way to fix this in the expression calculation or script? I want to be able to see 1.99%



      1) Is there an easy way to do a sum calculation in the script?  I have a field that is extracted in seconds but I need it in hours. So I want to be able to calculate this in the script for performance reasons. The below seems to be unacceptable. How can I do this in the script without making it overly complicated?




           Speed/2600 as [Speedhours],                                    // doesn't seem to get the right answer

           SUM(Speed/3600) as [Speed in hours],                    //  doesn't work, errors



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