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    EDX Call with Variables

      Hi All,



      We are using the QMSEDX.eve to execute our EDX calls to the server.


      The code we use in the Batch File is like this example:


      \\BatchFileLocation\qmsedx  -task="Extract On Demand.qvw" -qms= -password=123



      Please can someone tell me how I add a variable value to this code?


      I need to be able to take a variable entered on Access Point and then transfer that variable data to the Extract qvw.





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          Magnus Larsson

          Hi Sally,


          if you do a "QMSEDX.exe -help" from the command line that will give you the available options.


          For example, if you want to set variable "var1" to value "something", then you would do something like:


          qmsedx.exe -task="edx" -password="password" -variablename="var1" -variablevalues="something"



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              I actually wanted to be able to feed the variable value from an input box into the variablevalues.


              I have sorted this by creating a macro and reading the whole EDX string and the input field, then create the batch file and open it.



              Thank you for responding.