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    Synchronize Scrolling between 2 objects

      Hi All,

      I have a chart which has like 200+ labels on the x-axis, and then a pivot table which gives the data for the chart with the same labels as columns. Ideally what I would like to do is line up the labels in chart to the columns in the pivot table and then when the user scrolls in one, the other would scroll as well....sort of like in excel how you can insert a chart and data table tied together.

      Is this possible at all?? I saw some suggestions floating around about using a slider object, but not sure how that would be implemented....or if what is needed here is some sort of macro. Any ideas???

      Thanks as always for everyone's help in advance!!


        • Synchronize Scrolling between 2 objects
          John Witherspoon

          I don't think it's possible, though I certainly could be wrong.

          I doubt a slider will work well, but here's how you'd probably do it. Let's say you only have a single dimension, and there's room for 20 values of this dimension in your scroll area. You set up a vertical multi-value slider for that field with a height of 20 values. Now your two tables show ONLY those 20 values, so won't have scroll bars of their own. Move the slider up and down, and your two tables will "scroll" up and down, and remain in sync.

          However, any selections that are incompatible with the 20 values in the slider will wipe out your slider bar, I believe. And the user can manually select 5 values or 50 values using the slider rather than just using it to scroll. So it doesn't seem very robust. It's also not clear that the slider is connected to scrolling the tables the way a scroll bar is clear.