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    Set Analysis: Show Excluded and Refine Results

    Ben Roberts

      I have been building up a business tool to show our management the number of bankers selling a particular product compared to the bankers who have not sold the product.


      For the negative side, I have been able to get the list of bankers not selling the product into a pivot table using the Set Analysis wizard and a bit of luck using the following:

      Dimension = Banker

      Expression = COUNT({1-$<BANKER/=E(BANKER)>} CLIENT_ID)


      The issue I find now, is if I want to refine the results, for example selecting region = EMEA only, the list of 'excluded' then includes the non-EMEA bankers who have sold the product. This makes logical sense as they are no longer part of the 'included' set.


      So my question is: Is is possible to refine the results with additional filters, which could include any other field (but I am principally concerned about region), so that the result of this box would be to show all bankers who have not sold product X but are all from region = EMEA.