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    Unable to connect to Qlik Sense HUB (server)

    Fernando Obara Suzuki

      Hi all,


      Last week I've installed the Qlik Sense Server beta 0.95 for a prospect, and all was fine. I was able to connect to the QMC and HUB, both locally in the server and externally in three notebooks via the local network. (there was a certificate trust issue, but we got through it).


      As I received a Qlik Sense temporary license for this prospect, this week I uninstalled the beta version, installed the v1.0 server and applied the license (did not restart the server during this procedure). Locally I am able to connect to the QMC and HUB, so it seems that the server was installed correctly.


      But externally I cannot access the HUB. Below are the screenshots of two errors. Tried to restart the server but the problem is still there.




      The second error is in portuguese, it appears right after entering the hub's url. It says something like: "An error has occurred. Connection lost. Verify if the Qlik Sense is working correctly. If the session reaches the time limit due to inactivity, reconnect to Qlik Sense to continue working. [Close] [Update]". When clicking in [Update], the browser seems to reconnect to the server but almost immediately the same message reappears.


      As I am new to Qlik Sense, I'm not sure on what to do to identify the problem....


      Can anyone help me?