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    Can Qlikview replace a DWH?

    Jorge Eduardo CASTRO GUERRERO

      Hi everyone,


      I’m trying to establish the best practices to structure or to organize a qlikview project. I’m not looking for a project methodology like the interesting link below.



      Can Qlikview replace a DWH?

      I'm working with a project for a big company where we need to consolidate data from many source systems and storing historical data. It's quite difficult to handle it with QVD’s or scripting data base.

      My customer wants to replace old data warehouse by qlikview and in this case Qlikview should offer him the possibility of:


      • Merging diverse data from multiple sources (multiple production systems) implemented on different platforms.
      • Rapid detection of the changes in the source system.
      • Possibility of storing large amounts of historical data.
      • Ensure fast response


      Do you know if there are some manuals or documents with the “best practices” in order to deploy qlikview as a data warehouse? Is it possible? I know that by using QVD I could build a DWH, but do we have some “best practices” or methodology for this with qlikview?