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    what if analysis

      can any body explain what if analysis?clearly?

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          Diez Teresa

          What-if analysis is used to compare different scenarios and their potential outcomes if conditions change.

          Often used in scientific research, in business and financial risk assesments... It is applicable to virtually any activity!!! For example, if you're planning a vacation, you might consider the cost of driving versus flying. However, what if the cost of petrol goes up? What if prices rise up or change in the airlines you are considering? All these factors could affect your costs and your final decision. By using What-if analysis, you can explore various scenarios and make better decisions as a result.

          With QlikView we can do very good What-if analysis by using the control statement If...then...elseif..else..endif

          The control statement if..then creates a conditional clause that makes the script follow different paths depending on one or several logical conditions set up.

          Hope it is clearer now