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    Give date in pdf in publisher

      Hello all,


      I am using publisher to create PDF.


      When I create a task in publisher, I want to give dynamic filename to the PDF.


      Task will be generated daily.

      so each pdf generated daily, should have filename as <ReportName> - <date>.pdf

      so if task is executed on 8/11/2014, I want the filename as <ReportName> - 07-11-2014.pdf


      i.e date should be of previous day.


      is it possible?

        • Re: Give date in pdf in publisher
          sujeet Singh

          hen you will need to customize the distributions you need.

          • If you are intended to distribute PDF by e-mail, you need to configure your mail server in QMC, System / Mail Server.
          • Design the report you want to generate for distribution. In your case, you should look at your dashboards and decide which parts to copy and format to be printed. Reports can be designed from QlikView Desktop by the option Reports / Edit Reports, then "Add", give a name for the report, and "Edit >>". Once open the designer, you can define the layout and properties, as well as drag and drop objects from you QlikView document. You can test and make adjustments by saving the report, choosing it, and printing to review its preview (I don't recommend you the preview provided by the QV editor, since so many times it fails and displays nothing).
          • Once your report is designed and saved within the .qvw document, you need to create a task in Publisher from the QMC, Documents / Source Documents, where your .qvw file should be, and click on "+" to add a new task. If Publisher is properly licenced, you will find here several tabs (General / Reload / Reduce / Distribute / Document information / Triggers / Server) where you can decide whether to reload or not the document, whether to make a reduction (depending on a field value you could loop and generate multiple PDF documents)  or not, etc. The most important sections to configure are Distribute, where you set how the distribution will be done (which report, file type (in your case, PDF report from source documentselecting the designed report), by mail or in a folder, and so on) and the Triggers section where you are able to schedule the generation or make it depend on events.