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    App Objects

    Jean Philippe Golay


      In Qlik Sense I publish an application then from hub I add a new sheet

      How do I approve / publish the new sheet the app publish is grayed in QMC


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          Jonathan Poole

          When an app has been published to a stream you can create sheets that only yourself can view. They are called My Sheets.  If a user has been given publish rights, they can 'publish' the sheet , but it won't be published as an 'approved sheet', it will be published to the community of users who can read the app. The ability to do a 'sheet publish' (different to an 'app publish')  is set up in QMC.


          To add an approved sheet, duplicate the app in the QMC and assign the duplicate to a user who will be doing the 'adding'.  The duplicate app will show up in the hub under 'my work' when that user logs in. Now they can do whatever they want... edit existing sheets , create a new sheet...all will be 'appproved'.


          Once finished, publish the duplicate and when publishing elect to 'replace' an existing app.


          The app will now have a new version with all the new 'approved sheets' that were added. The existing 'my sheets' and 'community sheets' will also still be there.

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              René Valencourt

              Hi Jonathan,


              >> The ability to do a 'sheet publish' (different to an 'app publish')  is set up in QMC.


              Where is that?  I was unable to locate a 'sheet publish' function in the QMC.

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                  Ian McGivern

                  Hi Rene,


                  You can Publish sheets in the Hub.


                  Presuming you're authenticated in the stream, when you open the app, under sheets you should see 4 categories:

                  • Basic sheets
                  • Published by me
                  • My sheets
                  • Community


                  If you created a new sheet on a published document, it will reside under My sheets.


                  If you want to publish it, right click the sheet under My sheets. One of the options presented to you will be Publish.

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                      René Valencourt

                      Hello Ian,


                      >> You can Publish sheets in the Hub.


                      Yes, I'm aware of the ability to publish my own sheets.  My current inquiry relates to a desired administrative function, which apparently doesn't exist out of the box.  An administrator needs visibility into all the sheets in an app, regardless of author or status, and needs the ability to change ownership and/or status.

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                          I'm not sure of a better way but it seems you can control that workflow as follows:

                          1. User Bob creates a sheet and wants to publish it. He has no rights to do that.
                          2. User Tim who is an Admin changes the owner to Tim in QMC.
                          3. User Tim publishes the app in the Hub
                          4. User Tim changes the owner of the Sheet in QMC back to Bob
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                    John Novello

                    Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this, once you create sheets and publish them in a published app they will stay there.  You cant duplicate the app and have those new sheets copy over. 


                    What I have done is;

                    1- Duplicate the published pages in the published app

                    2- either start with a new app, or a copy of the published app

                    3- Create New Sheets in the duplicated app

                    4- Copy and paste the objects over to your new sheets in the New or Copied app

                    5- Re-Publish the app.


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                      Sangram Reddy

                      Hi Jean,


                      Publishing the new ones are not that easy, I do it the way john mentioned.