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    QlikView and Linux

      Hi, does anybody have any experience in installing QV on Linux? I have tried it with wine, but it doesn't work

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          Jonathan Poole

          QlikView (QV) nor Qlik Sense can be installed on linux.  Both are windows only. Qlik Sense is windows 64 bit only.


          However both support browser based users , and those users can use browsers from the linux PCs to access the server though.   And when it comes to Qlik Sense, the browser will support developers as well as users.


          So in the end a developer on Linux can develop in qlik sense as well as use Qlik Sense as  as user as long as the Qlik Sense server is running on a windows server.

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            paolo tresoldi

            fyi i'm using qlikview on a machine with debian8+wine 1.6 (it works also on ubuntu 16.4+wine staging 1.9.23)

            it's a qlikview 11 licensed copy, and it runs locally and opens qvw files locally, and they're usable

            it isn't able to update data from iseries (i think it's a client access odbc fault - also installed into wine)

            i'm not using that machine against a server

            in winecfg i addedd gdiplus dll, order: builtin,native


            i have other libraries installed with winetricks, i can't really say which ones are the most important to make it work, btw....