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    IF Statement Performance at dashboard level

      Hi All,


      Have a query on if statements been used at dashboard level.  Will using of IF statement, be it at expression or customised dimension.

      How will it affect the performance?



      Because I have 5 dimensions been customised using IF statements.  And this is repeated in all my reports where the data is not huge yet.  In the long run when the data grows, it is advisable to do this ?  Or is there any alternative beside using IF statements.


      Does it matter if IF statement is been used at expression level OR dimension level regarding performance issue?



      1. IF(EvaluationType ='ABC',True,False)

      2. IF(Data Type='DDD',1,0)



      Can someone please advise on this approach and suggest better ways to improve.  I know PICK is one of them but sometime is not viable in my expression.



      Chun Wey