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    Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

    Anne Leroy



      I have a problem when connecting to Qlikview accesspoint via Safari from the IPAD.


      - On our computers, we don't have to authenticate, we use a smartcard to connect to the system and the user/password is "automatically" sent to all applications.

      - On the Ipad, we connect to the internal network via Wi-Fi and a personal certificate is installed on it that specifies the profile.
      Connection to applications as SAP is working fine and gets this user/password automatically.


      -  However, for Qlikview, when I connect to the access point, I get a popup that ask me to authenticate (user/password). As we do not know our password, it is therefore not possible for our users to connect.


      - I tried with a user/password Admin just to be sure and then it's working.


      Is there a way to ask to Qlikview NOT to request this authentication but to get it automatically from the certificate ?


      Thanks a lot.