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    Copy Sheet objects on from Dashboard to QVW

    Zeeshanuddin Syed

      Hi All,


      We have a super user who created lot of objects and now growing unhappy that he need to manually share it with team. Any one who makes a copy of that shared object ends up creating a copy which might use up some memory on the server. Everyone creating objects and it is getting unmanageable.

      We now want to make a sheet with some of the widely shared objects to make it available to all as a standard view.


      Is there a way to copy objects shared by user on dashboard and paste it in QVW file which we can deploy ? i.e copy object from dashboard viewpoint running on browser to desktop client QVW.

      We have tried tool from Qlikview to export sheet from dashboard internal files into a monster xml and then stripping objects and plugging it in our QVW xml.

      It is too complex.

      Is there an easy way out to copy objects as we want exact copy?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          It's not possible to copy an sheet object from a document opened in the ajax client to Qlikview Desktop. The super user should get in contact with a Qlikview Developer (i.e. the guy or girl with Qlikview Desktop) to add the necessary sheet objects to the source qlikview document. The developer can then deploy the updated document on the access point so that the new sheet objects are available to all users.

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            Rob Wunderlich

            1. Ask the super user to share the objects with you (the developer).

            2. In Qlikview Developer, use the Open in Server menu to open the qvw on the server.

            3. Open your development copy of the qvw in another Developer window.

            4. Using the Shared Object Pane in the server version, drag out the objects you want.

            5. Copy/Paste the objects from the server window to the development copy window. You may need to Clone them first before copy is allowed.