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    Qlik Sense vs Power BI

    kalyan prasunna



      I am just posting to find out differences or advantages and disadavanges comparing qlik sense vs power BI.



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          Michael Tarallo

          Kalyan - if there are other community members that know, I encourage them to respond as well.


          Have you signed up for the trial? I just did to take a quick look and the demo site just crashed on me, so at this time - I'll have to try again later.


          I would encourage you to work with one of our team members in order to get the information you need.


          Are you interested in doing that? If so I will have someone contact you.


          After signing - up it just kept showing this message - working on it





          Mike T


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            Robert Hutchings

            I've done a fairly detailed comparisons based on a small demo company for Sales.


            Qlik Sense v Qlik View

            Sense v Tableau

            Sense v Power BI

            And quickly for SpotFire / YellowFin / GoodData / and SiSense


            I keen to also look at Amazon QuickSight in detail when I can get my hands on this product (screen shot look good though).


            Qlik Sense is easily number 1. But I really like Power BI and I'm sure they will improve quickly. Microsoft seem to be committed to this product. The rest I though were very disappointing.


            I have written a long report but will summarize and post soon.


            But if Qlik start marketing Sense better it could be a battle between Sense, Amazon and Microsoft. The rest i think they could fall by the wayside. Just not good enough.

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              Hello Kalyan,

              It is my understanding the Qlik Sense is a much more mature, robust and fully functional offering.  While Microsoft is delivering new features quickly (weekly), this is having the side effect of quality and performance.  A few areas where I believe you will find Qlik Sense much stronger:

              1) Mobile - Qlik Sense's responsive design means that visualization adapt to the screen size and orientation.  Qlik Sense dynamically optimizes the visualization so you are never showing more data than the view can comprehend.  PowerBI is relatively static on mobile.

              2) Flexibility and customization of dashboards.  Many more ways to display content and to engage users.

              3) Smart search and dynamic associations of data

              4) Ability to embed Qlik Sense in webpages and apps

              5) Export to powerpoint

              I'll also be interested in what you learn and what others in the community have to say.

              Best regards,

              Jacque Coolidge

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                And of course, governance.  At present, powerbi must be managed on the cloud.  This may be suitable for very small groups but most enterprise and government customers require some of the management be available on premise.

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                  Michael Tarallo

                  From this post in the MS Power BI Community, I sense some frustration from a perceived lack of strategic direction from MS.




                  "You folks need to put your pencils down, step back, take a deep breath, and FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HECK YOU'RE DOING. Lay out an architecture, roles, and roadmap that can be published for all of us so we know where to spend our time and that SQL 2018 won't dump PowerView for some other shiny flavor of the month."


                  Make of it what you wish.




                  Mike T


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                    Robert Hutchings

                    I think Microsoft have tried to build their BI solution around Excel and it hasn't worked. So they have now moved to Power BI. And they will be committed to it. For example it took a team of 8 2 years to develop the Excel slicer. And its not even that good. Microsoft had to move on but some do not like it. But it was 100% the right thing to do. But do it so that Excel users can move across without too much suffering.


                    I've had a good look at power BI and I like it. Its a great product to learn and set up but not so good to use.


                    Marketing Qlik Sense v Tableau and Power BI


                    It in my view is better now than Tableau. And others I looked at like SpotFire. But it's still way behind Sense but they might close the gap quickly.


                    The biggest issues are the size of the file and refresh time refer attached link. It feels a bit sluggish. And filtering needs to be improved a lot.


                    But if they tightly integrate into Excel and outlook, fix a few basic issues like not being able to pin visualizations in the desktop version, improve printing options etc, compress data better, load data more quickly and improve filtering then it will be very good. Tableau etc should be concerned. It's much cheaper, a version is free and its better.

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                      Paras Doshi

                      @RJ can't see your post. Was that deleted?

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                        Robert Hutchings

                        Yes it was. And not by me

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                          Tobias Lutz

                          Hello RJ,


                          I am very interested in your comparison between Qlik Sense, Tableau and Power BI. Would it be possible for your to make it available for me again?


                          Thanks in advance.



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                            Vadim Tsushko

                            This community sometimes is censored too hevy-handedly.

                            Do you have a blog? If not - maybe some platform like medium.com would suite you better?

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                              Sangram Reddy

                              Hi All,


                              QlikSense is much much better than Power BI. This is not just a casual comment, I had a chance to evaluate both the products and found out Qlik sense offers lot more than what Power BI does. The only thing which Power BI offers more than what QlikSense does at this moment is the Cloud platform, which I think QlikSense is not far of from.

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                                Robert Hutchings

                                Hi Tobi


                                If you can let me have your email address I can send it through.


                                Cheers RJ

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                                  Hi RJ,


                                  Since I am in the phase of comparing the same tools I would really like to take part of the comparison you did.


                                  If possible please mail it to me: [redacted]


                                  Note: Edited by Community Moderator to remove public display email address.

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                                    Robert Hutchings

                                    Could you please expand on this comment.

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