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    Rename Qlik Sense Server

    Ricardo Gerhard

      I installed Qlik Sense on win-i3l69ais9mr. After installed and configured, I rename the server name do SENSE.

      When I try to open QMC or HUB, I see the error message

      Error 500 - Internal server error

      Cannot establish a connection to Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense Hub.

      I tried to recreate certificates, but still old name in mmc certificates.

      All services are running ok.


      Any idea to restablish system?

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          alexander korsikov


          You need stop all services, expept database service.

          1. Delete all certificates. they will be recreated during the next startup services

          2. open phadmin c:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.3\bin\pgAdmin3.exe and open Your DB

          port localhost:4432 DB user Postgres. Password  you specified during installation.

          3. open DB QSR

          4. in table ServerNodeConfigurations change Hostname and save

          5. Try start services.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Ricardo,


            Take a look at this and see if this is helpful


            There is a file named: Host.cfg located in <drive>:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense



            It has a base64 encoded string which when decoded you can see the hostname the product was installed on:


            You can use this free online tool to decode and encode the string:




            You can edit the Host.cfg and replace the encoded string with another encoded string and restart your services.


            so - mynewhostname - will look like this in the Host.cfg file: bXluZXdob3N0bmFtZQ==


            Note: When I did this (because my Amazon EC2 instanced had a hostname change) - it worked but - for some reason in the QMC it showed my scheduler and proxies as stopped even though they were running. You may have to restart the individual services (scheduler and proxy)  a 2nd time again to get the notifications to clear in the QMC.


            Hope this helps


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            Mike T


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              Floris Bos

              I was ready to take some of the steps above, which can be quite involved, later I realized that in my case, I only needed to add an extra host name in the "Host white list" for the default Virtual Proxy. I'm sure the people above had good reasons to change the original host name but if you just want to make the Qlik Sense hub available under an extra host name then adding it to the Host white list might be enough.

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                veeren nath

                Hi ,

                I tried to follow the procedure to change the server name but couldn't find the host config file in

                QS 3.2 version.Can you please help me with this.