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    Pause All Job Reloads on QV Server

    Charles Spencer

      Our company will be going through a large downtime each morning for the next three mornings (starting at 12AM) which will take various systems offline that we use to direct connect to, as well as use get nightly extracts from. Since these will not be available for our QlikView tasks to use for reloads, we would like to suspend reloads on ALL tasks until we can validate the data sources are correct and that our extracts have finished. Is there a way to suspend reloads on ALL tasks for ALL documents on our QlikView servers instead of having to manually disable reloads on every task? For our production servers we have a two server environment where one machine handles the QlikView Server and Settings Service and the other handles the Directory service connector, distribution service and the management service. Please advise on any way this can be done. My thoughts were to disable the distribution service on the second machine, but I do not want to do this without verifying this is an acceptable way to do so. Thanks in advance!