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    Qlik Sense Desktop local installation

      Hello Community,


      Has anyone had the issue when installing Sense Desktop on a laptop that is connected to the network, that apps don't work properly, e.g. don't save, trigger error "Could not load data because the app does not exist" when you first load data, but after a couple of attempts they work, etc.


      On my laptop, my user belongs to a domain so "library" is actually a mapped folder on the server. Even installing Sense while logged onto my laptop when I'm not wired in, doesn't work because there is a cashed copy of the mapped folder on C:\ drive.

      I haven't found the way to change the path during installation.


      The only way I've been able to overcome this issue, has been to set up a local user on my laptop and install Qlik Sense. This solution has prevented all errors and troubles, but I have to switch from one user to the other all day depending on what I am working on.


      Is there any other way? As I am going to need to do a few installations in similar environments soon.


      Thanks and Regards,