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    Unable to connect to Hub after installing new proxy cerfificate.

    Kevin Case

      After installation of Qlik Sense Server, everything works fine.  However, there is the annoying message when trying to connect to the Hub indicating that your connection is not private....  (not a trusted site issue).  So to make this a trusted site, I installed a server certificate on the server.  This certificate is a wildcard certificate (*.XXXX.com). I then modified the proxy and added the thumbprint for the new certificate and restarted the proxy.  Now when I try to connect using the new trusted site name, I receive the following error:




      The NODE host name at installation was: ehlqliksense.XXXX.internal

      A DNS entry was created for ehlqliksense.XXXX.com


      Does the Node name have to match the certificate name?

      Are wildcard certificates usable in Qlik Sense?

      How do we make this a trusted site and not use the default untrusted certificate created at installation?